Milk n' Cookies

Milk n' Cookies

  • $9.00

Does it even matter if you "Got Milk?" if you don't also "Got Cookies?". The answer is an emphatic "No!". But if you got both, then IT. IS. ON. In this new dough creation we've swirled loads of chocolate and cream cookie chunks into a silky, buttery sugar dough to make all your dipping and dunking dreams come true. 

  • Ingredients:  premium rBST free butter, cane sugar, heat treated wheat flour, apple sauce, chocolate sandwich cremes, homemade vanilla frosting swirls (powdered sugar, RSPO palm oil shortening, vanilla extract), alcohol free Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract, kosher salt. Contains wheat & dairy.


  • Product is 10oz of deliciousness (all natural and non GMO (except for the powdered sugar in the frosting)
  • Keep refrigerated to extend shelf-life
  • Note: All cookie dough is made fresh to order and we currently ship Monday through Friday. Please visit the FAQ for details on the cut-off times to ensure you receive your dough exactly when you want it.


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