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    Homemade and hand scooped on site, our edible cookie dough is all natural, NON-GMO, and made only with the highest quality of ingredients. Each batch of edible cookie dough has NO egg, NO raw flour and NO chemical leavener. Stop by our cookie dough shop and grab a scoop or two! Choose toppings like crushed sandwich cookies, chocolate candies, marshmallows, graham crackers and more! Pile it on top of a cone with a scoop of McConnell's ice cream. We also have on rotation truffles, mini cupcakes filled with cookie dough, mini cones filled with cookie dough, mini cookie dough cookie sammys. We can't wait to see you at the edible cookie dough shop!
    2625 S Robertson Blvd Los Angeles CA 90034
    UPDATED COVID-19 HOURS: Monday-Friday: 2pm - 7pm; Saturday: 2pm-8pm; Sunday 12pm-7pm (Cinnamon Rolls on Sundays!)