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    Owner of Edoughble, Rana sitting with her cookie dough

    Our Promise to You

    Here at Edoughble, we take happy & healthy seriously. And because of that we promise to deliver, not only the most innovative and delightful cookie dough treats on the market, but to do so using only all-natural and clean ingredients. All the items on our menu are made in small batches, with no eggs, no raw flour, no preservatives, and are officially certified non-GMO. With full transparency, we are happy to invite you to peruse a full list of our ingredients like hormone-free butter and Madagascar vanilla bean extract along with nutritional facts available on a handful of our best-selling edible cookie dough and cookies.

    Even though it’s not fun to count calories, it IS fun knowing the food you are enjoying is 100% safe. And that’s exactly why Edoughble was created.

    Edoughble is Anything But Cookie-Cutter

    Our founder and Le Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef, Rana, has always been obsessed with all things sweet and sugary. The same passion that led her to open the freezer at 3 A.M. and eat frozen waffles as a 4-year-old, led her to work at some of the world’s most famous award-winning culinary hotspots like Spago and Boulevard.

    Sometime in 2009, when news hit of yet another massive recall of almost 4 million units of store-bought cookie dough due to nearly 80 people being hospitalized, Rana’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. She knew she had to create a safe way for people to enjoy eating raw cookie dough, and after taste-testing hundreds of batches and tweaking ingredients and recipes at home for years, even ordering samples from European chocolatiers, she finally settled on the original edible cookie dough flavors and launched an entirely new category of dessert.

    Since Edoughble debuted back in 2013 as the first ever national edible cookie dough company, we have delightfully found our way into over a quarter of a million homes. With Whole Foods as our first major retail partner, Whoopi Goldberg sharing her favorite Edoughble flavor with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, and our first ever Sweet Shop opening in LA, each amazing milestone pushes us even further in our quest to deliver happiness one spoonful at a time.

    We Dough-nate

    As part of our happy and healthy mission, we donate 5% of Edoughble proceeds to the Food Recovery Network to help end hunger in the US. The Food Recovery Network is a national nonprofit that unites students at colleges and universities to fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from their campus’ dining halls and donating it to those in need. So, not only are you treating yourself or your own family each time you make an Edoughble purchase, but you are also treating families in need. 

    We Thank You

    As a family-owned business, we believe that each customer is part of our family, and we want to treat you with the same respect and openness that you deserve. By signing up for our newsletter, we promise to let you know when we create new flavors, share exciting new recipes or offers, and keep you updated on our continual innovation in the fun and new world of edible cookie dough.

    And communication goes both ways. Feel free to let us know how much you love our products, which recipes are your favorites, or even if you just want to share a delightful idea. We are always here and are always listening.

    Sweetly & Safely,

    The Edoughble Family


    Edoughble Founder, Head Chef and Mother of 2 Happy little girls -- even on super windy days ;)


    Rana, founder of Edoughble sitting with her family