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    Find our more about Edoughble through our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

    What makes Edoughble so special?

    Lots of reasons, but here are the main 4!

    1) We use only premium ingredients. We go the extra mile and seriously search across the world for the best ingredients from local shelves to European chocolatiers. We sampled hundreds of ingredients until we nailed it. Only the best ingredients can create the best cookie dough, and that’s why we use ingredients like Callebaut’s Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate Chips and Alcohol-Free Pure Vanilla.

    2) We use only real, all-natural and non-GMO ingredients. That means no preservatives or artificial anything, ever. For example, we only use hormone-free, rBGH free butter in our dough. Heck, even our colorful sprinkles and milk chocolate candy pieces are naturally colored but still taste amazing. We take no short cuts just to save a few bucks. If Red 40 is banned everywhere in the world but the U.S., you probably shouldn’t consume it. We want you to be able to indulge in an amazing treat and also know your are eating real food, not the processed stuff. 

    3) We are 100% safe to eat raw. Let’s go through our checklist...

    • NO egg, ever. Not even pasteurized as that still carries some risk (just ask the "big food" brand who had that recall in 2009.
    • We use heat-treated flour. Our partner factory puts all our flour through a special pathogen ‘kill step’ and regularly tests to ensure our flour is safe to consume raw.  
    • We don’t use any chemical leavener. Chemical leaveners are ingredients like baking soda and baking powder that are not made for raw consumption, but rather are included in baking recipes to help baked goods rise when activated in extreme heat and acid . Having those raw chemicals in your stomach is like starting a science experiment to occur on your insides, and that usually results in a stomach ache or worse.
    • We work with the finest retailers that have industry-leading standards and that means our facility and process is clean, closely monitored and regularly audited to ensure perfection. We take making our cookie dough safe-to-eat very seriously so that you can just relax and focus on how great it tastes.
    4) Our Founder, Rana is an actual Pastry Chef! Rana received her culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu and perfected her craft at some of the top U.S. restaurants including Spago (Los Angeles) and Boulevard (San Francisco). She brings her expertise, passion and attention to detail in every recipe, in every meeting and in every customer service response. She lives and breathes this company, and is the heart and soul of it.  


    When will my order arrive?

    Edoughble makes all orders from scratch and ships weekly from our kitchen in Los Angeles, California on Monday-Friday during the winter months (excluding national holidays). We accept orders 7 days a week.

    All orders have at least a 1 day processing time, and will ship the DAY AFTER the order is placed unless noted below.

    • Orders placed before 1:00 p.m. (PST) Monday-Friday may ship the same day. 
    • Orders placed after 1:00 p.m. (PST) Monday-Thursday will ship the following day. Orders made on Friday after 1pm will ship on Monday
    • All orders placed Friday-Sunday will ship the following Monday.
    • We don’t ship on Saturdays or Sundays
    • We cannot ship to PO boxes

    Our products will melt at 75° or higher. If you live in an area where temperatures average above 80°, we strongly recommend overnight shipping. Products that have melted or been damaged due to heat on 2 and 3-day shipments may not be replaced or refunded.

    Our cookie dough can be unrefrigerated, even warm, for 2 weeks.  We ship with ice during summer months to ensure 24 hours of the 2 and 3-day transit time the product is chilled.  The rest of the year, feel free to mix up the dough and refrigerate!  you can enjoy room temp or chilled and add some ice cream on top! The temperature is of no concern in regards to the safety of the dough and is merely a matter a preference. Some people like it microwaved with fruit, crackers or ice cream.

    Shipping Parameters

    FedEx® and UPS will only accept physical street addresses. Therefore, Edoughble cannot ship to P.O. Boxes, APO or FPO addresses. We do not ship outside of the United States. Shipping methods (Ground vs Air vs Express) are determined by the distance from our kitchen in Los Angeles, California so packages arrive within three days of the requested ship date you choose. 

    Address Accuracy

    Please make sure you check your order for accuracy before submitting it. During the ordering process, you will be asked to verify the shipping address(es) for your gift(s). Edoughble will not be responsible for packages refused by the recipient, or for incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses. Please include apartment/suite numbers, East/West street assignments, etc. where applicable. Commercial addresses will require a company name and/or suite number to avoid any correction fees.

    Delivery Delays

    Delivery delays can occur due to weather, businesses being closed, incorrect addresses, etc. These delays may affect ship dates and/or arrival dates. Edoughble will do our best to ship in a timely manner, but we cannot be held responsible for late deliveries due to these delays or address issues. If you have any questions about shipping your package(s), please email us at hello@edoughble.com


    If your package is damaged during shipping transportation, please contact Edoughble within 48 hours of your shipment being delivered by emailing hello@edoughble.com. Please provide as much information as possible, including images of product and packaging. Please do not throw away your package until you have heard back from us.


    Got my dough, how should I store it?

    Your cookie dough can be unrefrigerated and sit at ambient temperatures for 2 weeks. That means most of the year we can just ship in a normal box (no ice packs or insulation needed) and it arrives in excellent condition. That said, during the heat of summer, it’s possible and totally natural for separation to occur and your dough may arrive a little melted.This is all ok. Simply grab a spoon, mix it in (like you would an all-natural peanut butter) and you’re good to go. Butter can melt and then cool and it is safe to consume!


    How long will my dough last?

    In our house, it lasts about a night and that's a true story. For those that savor a bite at a time or are saving for a special occasion here are the details you need:

    • Can last up to 6 months refrigerated and up to 1 year frozen.
    • Dough is best enjoyed within 4 weeks of opening.

    It’s important to note our cookie dough is made with fresh, all natural ingredients, meaning we never use preservatives or any other synthetic ingredients. So, for those of you who won't devour the cookie dough immediately, here are some storage recommendations to extend that fresh from the mixing bowl taste...

    Storage Recommendations: Upon receipt, place in refrigerator or freezer on an easy-to-access shelf or alternatively hide from your roommate/sibling/kids/significant other behind the vegetables. 


    How to best enjoy Edoughble?

    You are the expert on how you eat cookie dough. You’ve been perfecting your craft all your life. That said, we have some ideas on how to best enjoy and if you're anything like us, you're an "all of the below" person.

    • The Purist: You dig right into the dough with spoon, finger, chopsticks, or whatever else gets dough to mouth ASAP.
    • The Topper: You perfect the perfect bite of ice cream and cookie dough for the ultimate experience in indulgence.
    • The Mixer: You add cookie dough to any and every thing... spread between 2 cookies, sprinkled in brownie batter, whipped into a doughy dessert dip, blended in milkshakes (yeah I said cookie dough milkshake!).


    If I bake it, will it turn into a cookie?

    Bake it?!! Have you gone mad!?! Why ruin perfectly amazing cookie dough? Seriously though, Edoughble cookie dough is not to be baked. Our recipes extract the unhealthy and dangerous raw egg and chemical leaveners which, in normal cookie dough, acts as the rising agent. We obsess about making great, safe, edible cookie dough. There are plenty of ‘for baking’ cookie doughs out there if you’re into that kind of stuff. Those that claim to be both edible and bake-able will have some kind of chemical leavening product and/or egg product  and thus aren’t 100% safe to eat. So, leave the oven off, save on your utility bill, and eat cookie dough unbaked, the way the dessert gods intended.  


    Where do you ship?

    Currently, we only ship to the contiguous United States. We know cookie dough lovers live beyond our borders and we want to ultimately find a way to bring our dough to you, but for now we apologize for having to deliver the sad news.


    Is Edoughble sold in any stores?

    We know that when a cookie dough craving strikes, you want it immediately and for those occasions we are working hard to get some of our most popular flavors into a store near you. Check out our Store Locator HERE to see what fine retailers currently sell our products.

     We are still early in our efforts so here is a quick cheat sheet:


    Is Edoughble Kosher?

    Yes. Our cookie dough and facility is certified kosher by KosherLA.


    Does Edoughble contain nuts?

    Most of our flavors are nut-free but are produced on shared equipment that also processes peanuts and tree nuts which may cause allergic reactions. Although we do our best to keep nut products separate and thoroughly wash shared equipment after contact with nuts, we cannot exclude the possibility of cross contamination. Customers concerned with food allergies should be aware of this risk. We recommend that those with severe nut allergies  use their own discretion before consuming any of our cookie dough. Edoughble will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to cookie dough consumed or for items that it may have come in contact with during the course of preparation or transit.


    What is your Refund Policy?

    Because our cookie dough is perishable, Edoughble cannot accept returns or exchanges. We cannot be responsible for theft or damage to packages left outdoors resulting from a delivery where no one is able to receive the package. We cannot be responsible if a package cannot be delivered or is delayed in delivery due to an order placed with incomplete or incorrect shipping information. If your cookie dough is a bit melted upon arrival, just mix the separated butter back in. You can then refrigerate or freeze it until it reaches your desired temperature and texture. The dough is totally fine to eat even if it slightly melts during transit! If your shipment never arrives or the dough flavors are incorrect, please contact us immediately, and we’ll reship your order at the next opportunity.


    What did we miss?

    We want to hear from you if you have any additional questions, have some awesome flavor ideas or just want to say “hi!” or share a flavor inspiration. Please feel free to email us anytime at hello@edoughble.com.