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    Edoughble- Events Display Cookie Dough Platter

    Events & Bulk Orders

    Events without Edoughble cookie dough can still be a real hoot, but now imagine it WITH our cookie dough...see, better! Blow away your friends, family, guests, co-workers or clients and see them act like giddy children when they see your dessert spread. From totally custom cookie dough dessert bars to personalized large or single-serve cups with your name or logo printed right on the lid, to maybe even creating a totally unique custom flavor exclusively for your event or large gift order.

    Here are some more ideas...

    • Cookie dough dessert tower instead of a cake
    • Mini personalized party favors with your event logo or hashtag
    • Surprise sweet treat for your out-of-towner bag
    • Rolled cookie dough truffles passed around at cocktail hour or at night's end
    • Make your own cookie dough bar with plain cookie dough and tons of mix-ins
    • Literally anything else you can dream up, we will do our best it make it a reality!"

    Contact to discuss your next event or for any bulk orders.

    Edoughbles- Events Platter Night