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As my husband and I like to say, "Edoughble is not your cookie-cutter cookie dough!"  We're excited for you to learn (and taste!) why...


So how did this all start? Well, as cookie dough lovers we were alarmed and saddened by a series of news reports a few years ago describing how cookie dough companies were having to recall their popular ready-to-bake cookie doughs. Apparently cookie dough enthusiasts young and old across America were getting sick after consuming these raw egg filled products. We decided then that for those of us who love the cookie dough more than the baked cookies, there had to be a better, safer alternative. So, my husband and I enrolled in as many entrepreneurial classes as USC would allow and set out to do one simple thing... serve fellow cookie dough lovers like you a bite of handmade cookie dough perfection that instantly reminds you just how sweet and simple life can be. No baking. No scary raw egg. Just pure, doughy, unapologetically sugary, spoon-ready deliciousness made with the best ingredients and mix-ins.  


Since 2008, we've been perfecting our recipes, finding the best suppliers, refining our manufacturing, and building a product and brand we're thrilled about. At the end of the day we're a small business with big passion around our edible cookie dough product and we want to get it just right for you. Whether you devour Edoughble cookie dough by the spoonful, as an ice cream or froyo topping, as a mix-in for brownies or milkshakes or in some other creative way, we hope for just a moment in your day you stop, taste some amazing cookie dough, and crack a sweet smile before getting back to that 40 item to-do list. 


Obviously, we can't give away all our secrets, but here is our recipe to bring you cookie dough perfection: 


  • 2 cups: The finest, high quality ingredients. From handmade chocolate fudge and vanilla bean frosting, to Callebaut rich dark chocolate chunks and Nielsen-Massey vanilla beans - our commitment to an amazing tasting high end product is paramount.  Our dough is handmade, all natural, non-GMO* (*with the exception of the rainbow sprinkles!), made with real butter (hormone free) and certified Kosher.
  • 4 tablespoons: Creative flavor varieties inspired by everything from childhood silliness to birthday cakes to Ben & Jerry's ice cream to Coldstone Creamery to grandma's kitchen and so much more 
  • 1 teaspoon: Endless cookie dough taste testing by the spoonful - perks of the job. Now it's your turn!
  • 3 sprinkles: Commitment to carefully hand-crafting in small batches so that each order is made fresh and unique just for you. 
  • And NO: Eggs, preservatives or artificial flavors are ever added so that you can indulge your sweet tooth with reckless abandon and peace of mind.


This is all just the beginning and we're excited for you and your sweet tooth to be a part of the journey. With 8 delicious flavors available now and over 15 more recipes near perfection, we invite you to join the Edoughble family and discover our delicious plans to continue to redefine the wonderful world of edible cookie dough.


Please enjoy discovering why we're far from cookie-cutter and always feel free to contact us at 


Rana & John

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