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    Paleo Ice Cream Sammys

    Paleo Ice Cream Sammys

    So, i'm trying to limit my sugar intake, aka i'm miserable and all I can think about is cookie dough.  So I had to get up from my laptop and make these dreamy paleo friendly ice cream sammy bites. 
    I used Hakuna Banana vegan/refined sugar free/gluten free "ice cream" as my center and That Paleo Dough, Tho by yours truly! This is more of an assembly project than an actual recipe so it can be done with the kiddos or boyfriend (teach that man how to make something special for ya!).
    Meticulously detailed steps below:
    Step 1: Press the room temp Paleo cookie dough (or any Edoughble dough) on the bottom of an ice cream sammy tray, or a sheet pan (on top of parchment paper)

    Step 2: Freeze
    Step 3: Spread on your delicious banana nice cream (or your fave ice cream/gelato/sorbet)
    Step 4: Freeze, again - practice your patience (it's what I tell my girls)
    Step 5: Spread the last layer of cookie dough on top and flatten
    Step 6: Freeze for the LAST TIME
    Step 7: Slice into bite size squares and serve with fresh strawberries or dip in chocolate (for those that aren't on any lame diet, go crazy).
    Enjoy and smile:)

    UNBAKED TO PERFECTION: Why I decided to make cookie dough my career

    UNBAKED TO PERFECTION: Why I decided to make cookie dough my career
    So, “why cookie dough?” I mean, because it’s the most indulgent dessert in the world! It is
    unbaked to perfection, gritty, creamy, buttery, spreadable, sweet, balanced, full of flavor and
    brings me back to some of the most amazing carefree childhood memories I have. Thank you
    cookie dough, for bringing me happy.

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